The data are ready and we can transfer them.
They should be all in one folder, eventually organized in subfolder, for example the images.

With the following button you can transfer the project folder with all its content:

Click on “select a folder”, browse to your project folder, select it and click  “Upload”.

Enter your email, specify the project code (received after filling the client form) and underneath click “Transfer”.

If you prefer to use other content-sending service feel free to use them, don´t forget to address the sending to and specify the architedia project code.

We would like to mark that Architedia has a strict privacy policy. We will never share your personal data with others and will delete them once the project is completed. Here you can find more information on our privacy policy.

Once we receive your data, we will check the information and eventually ask you for some additions or clarifications.

wetrasnfer send data

When we consider to have the complete information to properly develop the project, we will confirm it by mail and  you can proceed to the last step: