We have checked the information that you have sent us. The information was good to fulfill the task and we have confirmed you by email, stating “data completed”.

You are always free to cancel the project and request us to erase your personal data.

If you decide to proceed, you can complete the payment and Architedia will deliver the project within 2 weeks.

With the confirmation mail, you have received instructions for payment. You can pay the amount (360€) by various methods: bank transfer (to Triodos bank), Paypal, credit cards and cryptocurrency.

When the payment arrives, Architedia will acknowledge you and send you the invoice.

You will get a comprehensive booklet with the interior project of your property.

Within 9 days you will receive the digital version. At the same time we will send a printed version. The post delivery does not depend on us but it usually takes about a week.

The book will have a minimum of 2o printed sheets in A4 size. The architect in charge will  describe the renovation according to the following program :

  • Existing floor plan.
  • New floor plan with the interior layout: at least 2 options.
  • Architect´s description with his/her vision through text and reference images.
  • Specific suggestions on how to deal with the renovation.

Click here to see a sample project.

Once the book is delivered, Architedia will contact you for a short survey about your satisfaction with the project.

This survey helps us to maintain our quality standards (you may opt-out for this survey).