Here a list of the most recurring questions we receive:

Q. After studying your project I got some new ideas. Can I count on you for a new plan?

A. Yes. Please contact us, stating the code of the project and your needs. We will answer with an offer. Within the first three months since receiving the project you can count on a reduced fee (for example: alternative layout 20€/room, electric plan 15€/room, lighting project 24€/room)

Q. Why there is a fixed price? Will I pay the same for a 60 m² and 150 m² apartment?

A. The architectural project is not directly proportional to the surface. Sometimes a small old articulated apartment may need more work than a clean modern space. Usually, our clients are owner of urban apartments between 50 and 120 m². For apartment till 150 m² we will produce a book like the published sample. For properties bigger than 150 m² we guarantee a great interior design (inline with our standards) but we might not reach the same level of details. We will specify it to the client before the job assignment.

Q. Will the project be valid to request permits to the public administration and do you provide structural calculation?

A. The goal of Architedia is to create comfortable living spaces and maximize the value of the property. In order to produce a quality work with a convenient price Architedia cannot deal as well with regulations or calculation. After the delivery of the project, Architedia will be happy to advise the best professional in your area in case you need further help in administrative or technical aspects.

Q. Will the project contain as well 3D visualisations?

A. We express our design with the classic architect tools: 2D drawings and schemes. 3D visualizations are not tools to design, but to convey ideas in an attractive way. We prefer to invest time in the quality of the project more than its appearance.  Nevertheless, at the request of the customer we can develop 3D visualizations of the project at a competitive price. Write us for information about it.

Q. I´m an architect. It sounds like your service is steeling jobs from professionals.

A. We believe the opposite. Architedia´s goal is it shortens the distance between people and architects. Too often the client thinks that the architect is a high cost that brings negligible benefits. Architedia demonstrates that the collaboration of an architect greatly increases the value of the property, both in immediate use and for its future market value. With a winning preliminary project grows the trust in architects, and the chances to rely on them of further phases.

Q. I have still a question.

A. Please write us, and we will be pleased to answer you.