•PROFESSIONAL   •ONLINE   •COMPETITIVE  [360€ all included]

Get a comprehensive book with the renovation project for your property.

    • new interior proposal:  2 complete options.
    • Description by the architect explaining his/her vision through text and reference images.
    • Specific suggestions on how to deal with the renovation.
    • all plans with CAD software (useful to hand to electricians, plumbers or contractors).

3 easy  STEPS to get your PROJECT   within 2 weeks!

1   Collect the information

  • We need to know your dream.  Tell us about your wishes, the budget and maybe your style (you can choose as well to let us carte blanche).
  • We need pictures of the rooms. A mobile phone will do it fine.
  • We need a plan of the actual situation. There might be already a drawing (ask the state agent, the previous owner or the Land Registry). Otherwise, make yourself a drawing of the space, it will be an opportunity to get to know the space better.

2   Send data to Architedia

Send us the collected data.  We will check the information. Eventually, we will react with some questions or ask for some extra photos.

3   Confirm job

When we consider to have the complete data to  do the work we will send you a confirmation. Now you might like to ask us a few more questions. Or you can directly approve the job and make the transaction. We will start to work and deliver the project within 2 weeks.

Ready? You can already start  to collect the data

Your home survey:  a  guide to survey your property in 3 easy steps.

Here a sample of Architedia project book.
We will produce one like this for your home.

we love to design spaces !

Why would I need the proposal from an architect?

    • The vision from a professional can disclosure new potentials for your property.
    • With a minimum investment, you get a comprehensible plan and useful guidance to organize the renovation
    • You can then hand the book to contractors and technicians. The  plan and specification will help them define the works and hand you a clear cost estimation.

How can Architedia offer such a convenient price?

  • the client is cooperating with the work by collecting data on the current situation. So the architect doesn´t need to travel and spend time out of the office.
  • Architedia counts on a network of architects. The various professionals constantly update their availability to Architedia and receive projects when is most profitable for them.
  • After the preliminary phase with Architedia, the client may decide to contract the architect for further steps (detailed drawings, work supervising, ….). This encourages the architect to infuse all his knowledge and creativity into the project to demonstrate that he is the right person to continue the job.

Why choose Architedia?

  • Competence & Expertise. Architedia is started by a group of architects with more than 20 years of experience in renovating residential premises.
  • Readiness. Architedia management allows selecting the most suitable professional with available time. The architect will be selected on the base of his availability and the expertise he has related to your specific case.
  • Creativity. Architedia is a network of architects from various European countries collaborating with each-other . The resulting wide artistic, cultural and technical background are reflected in the originality of the projects.
  • Ethic. Architecture is the science committed to inhabited spaces. Through knowledge, it also guides in reaching the target with the minimum effort. Architedia assumes the mission to spread architecture with a democratic, ecological and social spirit.

Start to collect the data

For any doubt please contact us or visit our FAQ